[misc] Muderface Monday

I got Murderface a new Hot Cat (that's the brand name- they're just catnip-filled fabric tubes, tied to look like sausage links). He's in looooooove:

Murderface and his Hot Cat

Murderface and his Hot Cat

Murderface and his Hot Cat

I let him get good and high before giving him his Frontline. I saw a flea on him yesterday and had Dollar help me give him an application today. We're all in separate rooms now. Muderface is hiding under the bed, drooling and crying. Dollar's in his room, trying to stop the bleeding. I'm in my craft room, trying to leave them both alone because they're mad at me. Siiiigh.


Anonymous said...

Cat nip is probably the funniest thing ever to watch a cat partake. Murderface is a handsome cat.

Sara said...

God, I laughed when I read the description of where each of you are located...Funny!

Where did you find that cat toy! I'll bet my Killian would love it.

amy said...

I got it at Lebanon Pet and Aquarium but I just checked the Hot Cats website and it looks like they're sold at the Claremont Pet Center as well.