[hiking] Gile, Sept. 2010

I went hiking up Gile on Saturday. It really is the best view for the shortest hike:

Gile, Sept. 2010

I didn't do all the hiking that I wanted to this summer, so I was completely winded by the time I made it to the top of the fire tower. But I did make it to the top on 15 minutes.

Gile, Sept. 2010

It was a great day. Cool, just starting to be fall, leaves are starting to turn, sunny and clear. Someone else came to the top of the tower while I was there and started pointing out peaks he recognized.

He pointed out Mt. Marcy in the Adirondacks, Jay Peak up at the Canadian border, Mt. Washington, Cube, Camel's Hump, Killington. I was all, "Look, there's Ascutney" cuz that was the only one I recognized.

Gile, Sept. 2010

This hike is better the earlier you do it. I got there at 9am and it was just me racing that one guy to the top (we both got to the parking lot at the same time and I wanted some alone time at the top of the tower- which is why I was hurrying to the top). One the way back town, I passed three groups walking up and as I was driving away, I passed 5 more cars heading up the dirt road. Earlier is much better.

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