[knitting] Oopsbel

The Ishbel is growing:


Had a bit of a set-back last night. Messed up a couple loooooooooooong rows. Need to tink back because I laugh in the face of life lines. The old "ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure" bites me in the ass again.

The mess-up isn't as bad as I thought it was. I'm going to tink back two rows. I thought that I had messed up 6 rows but I'm pretty sure it's the random row of stockinette I added that's the problem. I was like, "Really, a row of stockinette? In the middle of all this lace? That's weird, but okay..." knit knit knit, "I mean, this doesn't feel quite right..." knit knit knit, "And doesn't really make sense with the rest of the pattern..." knit knit knit, "And I haven't had to do something like this before..." knit knit knit, "But, I guess if that's what the chart says, that's what the chart says" knit knit knit with purpose.

I mis-read a purl row as a knit row. There's no excuse for it. Although, we did watch the first Star Trek movie (from 1979!) last night and I'd like to blame Captain Kirk for my mistake. I'm... pretty sure it's his fault. Because he's... such a gigantic toolbox.

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gayle said...

I don't use lifelines, either. Even though it's a wonderful sensible idea. Nope, not me.