[knitting] Foliage Set

I recently made a Foliage hat. I did one ages ago, adding an extra repeat of the leaf pattern and extra ribbing. It came out too long and I gave it away. This time I did the pattern as written and it came out like a lace skull cap. And because it's done from the top down, my k1p1 sewn bind-off looked really messy.

I threaded thin cotton yarn though every other stitch of the brim and blocked it around a large dinner plate, cinching it closed. That hat became a tam and the bind-off neatened up.

Foliage - tamified

I had more of the yarn (Cascade Pastaza) and wanted a matching cowl. I'm trying to knit accessories that, you know, match (instead of being the crazy miss-matched knitting lady). Here's what I did for the cowl:

Cast on 80 st. Knit one round. Purl one round. K2TOG, YO around. Purl one round. Knit one round. Start Leaf chart from Foliage pattern. Work for 12 inches and finished with the same k2tog/yo border.

I blocked it around a shoebox. It came out a little loose, so I added a lone shell button. All the yarn-overs around the edge are like a row of buttonholes. The cowl looks nice folded over a bit and buttoned.

Foliage Cowl

And a set!

Tam and Cowl

If I were to do this again, I would choose a different yarn. It gets a little itchy after a while.

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gayle said...

Too bad about the itch, because it's a beautiful set!
Would a light dose of conditioner in the blocking process help?

(Uh oh - my verification word is 'stains'...)