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Made a quick trip down to H Mart with my sister on Saturday. I went specifically to get a new rice cooker. Ta da!

New rice cooker

It's a 5 cup. My old one is also a 5 cup. I was tempted to get a 10 cup but realized I've never said, "Gee wiz, I wish I had a larger rice cooker." The 5 cup size is perfect for a two-person household.

I've used it twice already and it has cooked rice perfectly. I've been using my old rice cooker steadily for 12+ years and it's still working. The bowl is scratched up and it browns the rice at the bottom, but it still works. I'm keeping it in the box that the new one came in, in case this one ever craps out.

It's got all kinds of new-fangled buttons and settings. My old cooker had one lever that went from "cook rice" to "keep warm". This new one is programmable and can make different kinds of rice, soups, stews, porridge, etc. I've been looking for one-pot meals lately and I'd love to make dinner in this one thing.

And my perfect lunch: rice and banchan I got at H Mart:

A Perfect Lunch

Clockwise from top:

Cabbage kimchi - Not has good as mom's homemade, but the kind H Mart makes is very good!

Radish - Long slices. Good and crunchy!

Garlic stems - Like the crunch of the stems but the seasoning is a little weird. Very heavy on the gochujang.

Dried squid - Very thin strips! Very chewy! Very nommy!

I also picked up mushrooms (maitake, brown beech and king oyster) and quail eggs. Quail eggs! What am I going to do with quail eggs? I have no idea but I had to get them.

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Shelby said...

It's so PURTY!! :)

All the fancy chefs on TV seem to like to lightly fry a quail's egg and serve it on top of a salad. I personally love a fried egg with a nice runny yolk on top of baby spinach lightly sauteed with red onion and pine nuts. Break the egg, let the yolk run, mix it up a little...nommulance heavennnnnnn!!!