[knitting] Ribbed Hat

A ribbed hat, probably to be given away next Christmas...

Ribbed Hat

Pattern: Loosely based on the Jacques Cousteau Hat, but I cast on 110 stitches instead of 120 (doing the long-tail cast on... didn't feel like ripping it out and starting over just for another 10 stitches), so... I didn't really follow the pattern at all, other than making a k3p2 hat.

Yarn: Zitron Trekking XXL, held double.

Needles: US 5

Notes: I'm pleased with the hat. I tried making socks with this sock yarn a couple times, but didn't like how the yarn felt/worked. Wanting to use the sock yarn, I weighed and wound the 100 gram ball of yarn into two equal balls. I held the yarn double, staggering the color from each ball, and I like the resulting autumnal stripes. Would make a very nice hat for a guy.

I have another ball of the same yarn in green colors and will probably make this exact same hat again. This was a easy, mindless project- good for waiting room knitting.

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