[knitting] Sea Socks

Here are the socks I knit during my Portland, OR trip last week:

See Sea Socks?

Yarn: Plymouth Happy Feet DK

Needles: US 5

Pattern: No pattern, just followed directions for casting on toe-up socks and generic short-row heel instructions. The sock itself is stockinette, so that helped make the knitting go by faster. I don't love the short-row heel. For my next pair of toe-up socks, I will try to find instructions for a heel flap. I like working from the tow-up, though, because I can use every. last. bit. of yarn.

They are a little too big around for me but they are just the right length. Dollar pulled them on and they are just right around for him, but not long enough. Where's Goldilocks when you need her? (I hope she has short, wide feet but I doubt it.)

I finished them last Wednesday night in my hotel room and wore them to the office on Thursday. My co-workers were like, "OOOoohhhh, that's why you've been hunting all the yarn stores in Downtown Portland." I think I went to all three that are downtown: Knit Purl, Dublin Bay Knitting Co., and the Knit Knot Studio. I brought back a few skeins for my sister and I (things we can't get around here) and two bundles of fiber (BFL for her, Optim* for me).

Anyway, these socks are VERY soft. I see many more Happy Feet socks in my future (I knit a pair with the regular fingering weight Happy Feet last year), in both DK and fingering.

*Optim is a mechanically stretched merino that has had some of the crimp permanently removed. During this process, the fiber has become finer and has developed a luster that is visible after spinning. The spun yarn still retains some memory and feels as soft as cashmere.

P.S. If you want to come to White River Jct. this weekend, we're having our first ever fiber retreat: Chicks with Sticks. You can just come during the day if you can't stay overnight. Which is what I'm going to do considering the hotel is less than two miles from my house. Grafton Fibers is coming up and I can't WAIT to see their batts and needles in real life :)

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gayle said...

Pretty socks! I like the toe-up kind, too. Not a fan of short-row heels, though - with my high arches, they just don't fit right. I'll take gusset/flap heels, any day!
Wish I had known about the fiber-doings ahead of time - I've got company coming this weekend, so I can't make it now... *sigh*
Sounds like fun - have a great time!