[knitting] Chickadee in a Pool

"Pooling", with respect to knitting with multi-colored yarn, is when colors line up in a project, creating larger blobs of color. Knitters either hate it (me) and will go to great lengths to avoid it, or they like it.

Chickadee Cowl

The pattern is called "Chickadee Cowl". I chose it because of the linen stitch it employs (knit one, move yarn to front, slip one, move yarn to back, repeat), which helps break up color pooling. Only, I think the method would be more effective with thicker yarn and larger needles. I am using fingering weight yarn and size 7 needles, and the stitch pattern is still quite dense:

Pooling :(

My sister says she likes the pooling (you pool-lovers are crazy and I will never understand you), so I'm not ripping the project out. I didn't really have the heart to since the picture above shows about 10 - 12 hours of knitting. I'm knitting it Continental Style, which helps to speed up moving the yarn to the front and back every other stitch.

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gayle said...

Obviously this should be a gift for your sister! 8)
I tend to like pooling and flashing, depending on the yarn and the pattern. But I can understand where it would be frustrating when you DON'T like it!