[knitting] Envy

Sinful Ribbed Scarf

Pattern: Sinful Ribbed Scarf (source) (ravelry)

Yarn: Elizabeth Lavold Chunky AL, 4 balls

Needles: US 9 (5.5 mm)

Mods: I didn't use the recommended yarn- Classic Elite Sinful, 100% Cashmere, bulky weight, retails at approx. $50 per skein. You would need FOUR for this scarf. Browsing through all the projects listed for this pattern on Ravelry, I haven't seen anyone use the recommended yarn. I don't have disposable income enough to throw $200 at a scarf. But I digress...

I'm calling the scarf Envy because it's green, envy's a sin and I'm a little envious that I'll be gifting this off to a friend in NYC soon.

This was great, mindless, stash-busting knitting. The pattern is two rows, so there's no way you can't memorize it. It helped me to keep a marker on one side of the work so I knew which row was which. This scarf was also continental-knitting practice for me- I can work ribbing pretty fast c-style now.

P.S. This scarf is the dark blob on the bed behind Murderface in yesterday's picture.


Kit said...

I made this scarf using KnitPicks "Panache" that had some cashmere in it. Sadly, the yarn is no longer available. I'm with you, $200 is a bit much for a scarf.

gayle said...

Welcome to Continental! I learned English-style, then switched when I heard Continental was faster. You can really cruise through ribbing and moss/seed stitch!
That scarf wouldn't be a bit prettier at $200. Maybe you should knit one for yourself, too?