[knitting] Mitered Mittens

Mitered Mittens

Mitered Mittens

Yarn: Handspun. Louet Northern Lights in the Toffee colorway.

Needles: US 7

Pattern: Mitered Mitten by Elizabeth Zimmerman in Knitter's Almanac.

Notes: I love these mittens. They're a little on the large size, but they work. The pattern calls for afterthought mittens, which consists of snipping the yarn at the center of the thumb placement after all the knitting is done. You unravel either side, pick up the live stitches and go.

Instead, I tried the mitten on as I knit. When the cuff came down as far over my wrist as I wanted and the stitches on the needles reached the crotch of my thumb and index finger, I knit the thumb stitches with waste yarn. Then I transfered those stitches back to the left needle. Then I carried on with the regular yarn. After completing the mittens, I removed the waste yarn, picked up the live stitched on the top and bottom and knit around.

1 comment:

gayle said...

They came out beautifully!
I'm with you on the thumb modification. Also, this way you don't have to try to weave in way-too-short little fiddly yarn ends!
Lovely mittens.