[misc] Dried anchovies: It's what's for dinner.


I read Stephanie Meyer's Twilight (because everyone and their mom was reading it) and it was... Okay. I got the 2nd book in the series, New Moon, to see if the story gets any better. No, it really doesn't. The main character, Bella, is completely co-dependant and after her boyfriend leaves her, she seeks a substitute support relationship in a male friend to validate her self-worth. There are no strong female characters in the book, they all make stupid decisions and I think there is a veiled attempt in the book to justify staying in an abusive relationship. A woman is severely disfigured due to her boyfriend getting mad, changing into a werewolf and slashing her up. But the couple is still together because they're so in love. The love in the air is palpable when they're together. It was a mistake and he feels bad about it all the time. ... Yeah, the book is full of these gems. Bella even says at one point, something like, "I don't matter, Edward. Your happiness is the only thing that's important." Barf. Can I please get a book where the female lead has some balls, please? But... you know... not literally. Cuz I already read Middlesex.

I pulled another teen-lit book from my library that I've read before and I remember really liking it: Sabriel by Garth Nix.


Dollar and I have gone back to watching Smallville. We bought Season 7 around Christmas and started with Season 4 to refresh our memories.


This past Saturday my sister and I visited a Korean food store in Manchester, NH. We bought lots of stuff that my mom wanted (we had a list) and stuff I needed: various meat marinades, a 20 lb bag of rice (which I selfishly refused to split with my sister, making her buy her own bag), pancake mix, and some prepared dried anchovies (like this). Sunday my mom made kimchi and I helped to make pork dumplings. I've been in foodie heaven ever since. Nothing beats a simple supper of rice and kimchi- nothing!


Hats, hats and more hats. You'd think I have enough, what with knitting one every month for Hat Club at White River Yarns but... they're just so fast and easy.


Yeah, I wish.


Pirate's Cove - We only played this once. The game was rocky the first time and it put some *cough*dollar*cough* people off. I really want to give this game another go soon.

Zooloretto - This was a very simple game for kids (collect animals for your zoo). I ordered all the expansions for the game and it really kicks it up to a more complicated, fun game. I give it 3 stars on it's own (I could see it getting old pretty fast) and 5 stars with the expansions.

Alhambra - Haven't even cracked this one open yet. Soon. Sooooon.


gayle said...

I haven't read the Meyer books because I suspected exactly what you've discovered. Glad I gave them a pass.
Do you play Carcassonne? My favorite board game, ever.
Pork dumplings? *intrigued*

Shelby said...

all your dumplings are belong to meeeeeee!! NOM NOM NOM!

I wish.

Also, I want to play the super-duper expando-version of Zooloretto. I think my win was just beginner's luck, and possibly also attributable (is that a word?) to the fact that I function on a 6th grade level most of the time anyway...:D