[cooking] Smellier = Tastier

I recently made Ssam Bap for supper. It generally looks something like this.

Ssam, pronounced "sahm", means 'wrap'
Bap, pronounced "bahp", mean 'rice'

You put lettuce in your hand, add some rice, spicey-hot pork, gochujang and garlic. Then wrap/roll it up and apply to your mouth. It's so good.

I laid all the fixings out on the table and showed Dollar what to do. "See?" I said, "It's like a... a Korean taco." He made a valiant effort to eat it the proper way for a while but eventually just ate the pork and rice.


This past weekend I made Kimchi Jjigae (kimchi stew) and I've been banned from ever making it in the house again. I love the smell, but for someone who's not used to it... Dollar literally had the neck of his shirt up, covering his nose, with watery eyes all day. He designated his game room a Kimchi Free Zone (KMZ) and no kimchi is allowed inside.

This is how I described the soup to Dollar: "You use kimchi, but it needs to be sour. Kimchi that has gone a little past it's prime- you know, starting to go bad. Add some tuna fish and tofu-"

I had to stop because his eyes rolled back into his head and he fainted. As I was eating the soup (downstairs, alone, so sad), Murderface came over to check it out. Then he ran upstairs, seeking asylum in the KMZ. Even the cat can't be around it.

But in case you want to make it (and live alone), I highly recommend this video.


Tonight we're having fish sticks and tater tots.


gayle said...

Laughing at the fishsticks and tater tots...!
The Ssam Bap sounds good - I'll want to try it this summer when we've got lettuce from our garden.

Anonymous said...

Makes me think of the Bimbim Bap from the Korean place near Webbs... makes me sad I am going to miss out this weekend :-(

Rick said...

You can make anything with kimchi for us. We like it as soup, as stirfry, and anything else. The more sour the better!