[misc] Murderface playing

Here's a short video of Murderface playing on the bed. It's grainy, dark and needs to be edited a bit. I'm in the process of finding free video editing software for a Mac. If you have any suggestions...

I'm using a striped cotton ribbon that was previously a drawstring in a pair of pajama pants. It's better than the old shoelaces I was using before.

P.S. Thank you for all the nice comments about my engagement :)

P.P.S Thank you, Poland Spring, for you new Eco-Shape Bottles. They are less rigid than your older bottles, allowing me to accidentally squeeze the first 4 ounces of water down the front of my shirt and into the lap of my pants.


Sara said...

There's Murderface! I just love him!

Oh, I love your linens - do tell what and where!

Poland Spring - hmmm...I'll remember that next time I buy bottled water.

amy said...

Yes, I posted MF just for you! You reminded me a while back that you hadn't seen him in a while :)

The blue blanket is just a cotton quilt that my mom picked up at TJ Maxx in West Lebanon. The white flannel duvet cover with snowflakes was something that I got from Amazon years ago. Dollar and I sleep with our own blankets on the bed- he uses the summer cotton quilt and I used the sub-arctic down comforter. We couldn't find one winter blanket that was (a) warm enough for me, and (b) didn't make him sweat all night.

gayle said...

Regarding Poland Spring - Every silver lining has a cloud...

Murderface is a cutie - though very low-key at playing. Reminds me of my little Ursula - you really have to bring the toy to her.