[knitting] Organic Washcloths

I finished and machine washed/dried the organic cotton washcloths:


They are so soft.

I improvised the pattern- I wanted a seed stitch border around a stockinette center. They came out more rectangular than square. If you would like to make a couple (the written instructions below are for a more balanced and square washcloth)...


1 ball Plymouth Oceanside Organic (makes 2 cloths)
US 7 needles

Pithy instructions:

Cast on 35 st. Seed stitch for 6 rows. Maintain a 5-stitch seed stitch border and make the center 25 stitches of stockinette. Work for 35 rows. Seed stitch for 6 rows, then loosely cast off.


Now I need to find a way to artfully wrap these up.


Sara said...

They turned out beautifully. I was up at the store on Saturday for a few minutes and saw the yarn. I'll be buying some soon!

You might wrap them with a couple of pretty bars of handmade soap!!!

amy said...

That's a good idea!