[knitting] Oceanside Organic Washcloths

I have a friend who is leaving the Upper Valley to tour the world. I wanted to knit him something and we both agreed on washcloths. They are useful, easy to care for and small (which is important when luggage space and weight are at a premium).

Organic Washcloths

Just a simple stockinette washcloth with a seed stitch border. I am using Plymouth Oceanside Organic- an organic cotton with no dyes used. What's interesting that it comes in shades of white, beige and green. With no dyes used. I didn't know that you can grow naturally colored cotton but...

"Before they were bred in predominantly creamy white strains centuries ago, cotton plants were well known for producing an array of colors. But following the advent of the cotton gin and inexpensive industrial dyes, white cotton reigned supreme. Colored plants were marginalized, surviving only in seed banks kept by some agricultural departments here and there around the world and in small, traditional communities in a handful of places, including Mexico, Guatemala and Peru." Source

I'm glad naturally colored cottons are becoming more readily available. This would be a good fiber to use for babies or adults with skin allergies.

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