[spinning] Mossy? Algae?

I don't think I ever showed what this looked like spun up. Before:

From Alaska

Very different from the tooth-achingly sweet pink roving I got from the same company. I love the blue, green and gold combination. There's no assigned name for this colorway but I've been trying to think of what it reminds me of... Moss? Algae? Pond scum?

Alaska Fire & Ice

What do you think it should be called?

Alaska Fire & Ice

I started spinning the first bobbin very thin and then I started to get lazy and spin thicker. You can see that a good portion of the yarn is a thinner strand wrapped around a thicker one. Oh well.

I had a lot of leftover thin single ply that I Navajo plied. See the smaller skein at the bottom:

Navajo Ply

Essentially, with Navajo plying to can make a 3-ply yarn from a single. It's a matter of making a loop and plying that with the tail and making another loop and plying that with the tail, etc. You can retain lengths of color in the yarn this way.

Trying to do this from help text and poor quality videos online made it pretty complicated for me. I need to find someone that can do it in real life and watch.

Navajo Ply

I do like the finished look of this yarn but it has some definite bumps where one loop ended and I pulled a new loop through.

The bigger skein is currently in the process of becoming a cowl. I'm going a little cowl crazy right now.


gayle said...

I've tried the Navajo plying, too, without benefit of human mentoring. Seems like it would be easier if I had three hands (or possibly four...) The advice I've read on the 'bumps' is to pinch/roll them as you're adding the twist - but like I said, three hands would help.
Love the yarn. I'd vote for naming it 'Algae' - though it's too bad that most people's first thought on hearing algae is 'algae-cide'

Shiloh said...

so my mom the one who owns Fiber N' Ice and made that wonderfull color way knows how to Navajo ply when and if you come up to Alaska again if you haven't learned yet I'm sure she would teach you she loves teaching, it's what she does.