[misc] Murderface Monday... Belated.

Murderface got caught out in the rain last week:

Murderface caught out in the rain

Murderface caught out in the rain

I like the spiky 'do but he wasn't amused. He shook his coat like a dog and water sprayed everywhere. I toweled him off and spent and hour grooming him while he purred.

He was unusually sweet this morning. Normally I drag him up from the bottom of the bed and lay him on my chest to pet while I try to wake up. He tolerates this for a minute before moving back to the bottom of the bed. This morning he came up on his own (which felt like being woken up by dining room chair walking all over me) and laid down, purring. Awww.

It was super sweet because our relationship usually goes something like: (a) me kissing his belly, (b) him biting me in the head.

Or: (a) me pointing at the scratching post, (b) him staring straight into my eyes while scratching the end of the couch.

Or, best ever: (a) Murderface uses the litterbox in the bathroom and in an effort to cover his waste, he scratches and throws half the litter outside of the box onto the bathroom floor, (b) I start dust-busting the mess, (c) Dollar walks by and says, "Oh wow. Murderface made a mess, huh?" and keeps on walking, (d) Dollar and Murderface high-five each other around the corner because I am a slave to them both.

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Shelby said...

Silly rabbit...chores are for chicks!! ;)

Written by one who is STILL finding empty beer bottles, used napkins, and random plastic bags stashed throughout the house 24 hours after her male counterpart has left the vicinity.