[knitting] Ripple Hand Towels

Some Ripple Hand Towels:

Ripple Towels

A couple pictures without flash so that you can see the texture better:

Ripple Towel Blue

Ripple Towel Yellow

These are good sized towels- 12 inches across, 16 inches long. After I machine wash/dry them, they'll probably shrink to 10 inches across and 13 inches long but whatever. I think I might give these away as baby shower gifts.

I took my first class in knitting Continental style last night at White River Yarns. I knit in the English style and Continental is meant to be a lot faster and less strenuous on your hands and arms. I think I only knit two inches on a swatch in two hours. For real, it's so hard to learn a new way. I came home and told Dollar, "It's like you're right-handed, right? Well, I want you to start writing with your left hand. And here, here's the Declaration of Independence, I want you to transcribe it using your left hand- go! You'd have to go slow because you have to think about the construction of every single letter. In this Continental style, I have to think about every single stitch as I'm making it. Blah!"

So I think the plan is to finish up all my current projects in English style then make a permanent switch to Continental. Get ready for ghetto-fugly beginner projects as I learn how to knit all over again.


Anonymous said...

Keep us posted on how it's going. I'd love to learn continental and have tried to teach myself but get so confused LOL. Maybe I need to take a class!

KC said...

WOW, I am impressed. I am way too lazy to change my knitting style! Your hand towels look great, I love the colors you picked.

Joan said...

Amy, I learned continental up at Northeast Fiber Arts in Williston a few years ago. I love it for knitting but still use my speedy English for purling. The continental purling hurts my hand. But for seed st, I definitely use continental.
Good luck!