[knitting] Sublime Tam

I've had nearly two weeks off from work and in the time, I knit my little heart out. No, the yoke pattern jacket wasn't even touched (oops), but I started 4 other projects. One of them was a last minute tam for my mom:

Sublime Tam

Sublime Tam

Yarn: Sublime Kid Mohair (1.5 balls, color: truffle)
Pattern: Basic Tam Pattern from Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns
Needle: US 7
Source: Webs in Northampton, MA

I chose this yarn for a very specific reason. Yarn is sold by weight, the usual weight being 50 gram balls. Depending on the gauge of the yarn, this can be anywhere from 70 yards (bulky) to 400 yards (lace). When searching a worsted weight yarn for a tam, I payed close attention to weight and found a yarn with good yardage and it only weighed a mere 25 grams. 25 grams!

I cast on and knit. It was oh so light. I would pull a length of yarn from the ball and it would float down to my lap like a feather. As I made more progress, I would hold the tam out to Dollar and say, "Here, feel how soft this is. Isn't it soft? It's so soft."

I was able to wrap it up in time for Christmas. I saw a stack of tams at my mom's and counted. I've made 5 for her so far. Little does she know that I've got #6 on the needles right now.

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