[amy] Knitting for a pimp

Had a pretty easy-going weekend. I started another project- a fisherman's rib scarf for Dollar. He recently unearthed two of his Navy pea coats from the depths of his closet. I brought them to the dry cleaner's last Thursday and decided to whip out a scarf before they are ready to be picked up in 7 days.

I have a couple wheels of 100% baby camel yarn that I picked up at School Products in NYC this past summer. I thought this would be a nice, simple color for a nice, simple man's scarf. I brought Dollar into the craft room to show him. "See this?" I asked. "It's the yarn I'm going to use for your scarf." "Nice," he said, "Soft." "It's baby camel," I said, "They have to kill the baby camels in order to get to the soft inner down."

That was, of course, a lie. I think the fur is actually collected as the animal sheds it and the soft inner down has to be separated from the coarse outer hair. But I'm not sure.

Anyway, the pea coat and rustic scarf will be a nice change for Dollar. He got a brown leather blazer for Christmas and has been wearing it non-stop to work. He has also started slicking his hair back and won't let me cut it. All these things add up to him looking like a pimp. Not like some guy who is dressing up to look like a pimp, no, he looks like a frighteningly realistic pimp. Everyone at his work is telling him so. One day last week he brought in a box of donuts for his co-workers and one of them said "Ooo, donuts! The girls must have made some good money for you last night!" Please, I don't want to be going out with someone who looks like an authentic pimp.

I'm tempted to cut a chunk out of his hair while he's sleeping, just to force him to let me buzz cut it. But then it would only be fair for him to eventually cut a chunk out of my hair while I'm sleeping and I don't really want that...

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