[knitting] Starsky








Let's see it's taken roughly a year and a half to make this so I'm not sure I can remember all the details:

Name: Starsky, Size L.
Needles: Size US 10
Yarn: Cascade Ecological Wool (Only 3 skeins! Gotta love that kind of yardage.)
Modifications: Didn't do the belt- used buttons instead. I also found a shawl collar modification written by the designer on Craftster to make the collar shawlier.

Things I don't like:

1. How boxy it is. I presume the belt situation would have taken care of this but I recommend adding some waist shaping if you bypass the belt.

2. I also don't like the one repeat of the banana leaf pattern on each of the left and right fronts. There are four pattern repeats across the back but only two total across the fronts and lots of empty stitches. I think the one repeat is good for the S and M sizes. And the XL and XXL sizes get two repeats across each front. But my L size looks busier in the back than in the front, you know what I mean? I may be crazy but for this size, there should have been 1.5 pattern repeats for the left and right fronts.

3. The sleeves are a little too long and wide.

Things I do like:

1. Seaming. No, I don't actually like the seaming process but the invisible seaming I used (from the Vogue Knitting reference book) is REALLY invisible.

2. Wearing it. I like wearing this sweater around the house. The yarn isn't cashmere, so it's a little scratchy but it's warm and hey, I made it.


Shelby said...

I like the buttons...and I love color. It looks like a nice comfy around-home sweater.

Nicole said...

Congratulations! It is beautiful. Although not the softest yarn around, Eco Wool is sure purty.

KC said...

Wow, awesome job it looks great!
( nice job with the pictures, too!)