[knitting] Project Fidelity Ended

December is here. Over the course of November, I was able to complete the following on the Yoke Pattern Jacket:

Left Front
98% of Right Front

All that's left is:

2 sleeves

Whatever, I'll get to it when I get to it. As soon as December 1 arrived, I picked up a sock project that I put down a month ago and haven't touched since. It felt weird knitting with larger needles and smoother yarn after 30 days of small needles and sticky wool.

I decided I don't like being project-monogamous. I also just cast on for a hat because I have to be doing several different projects at once.

My mom showed up at my house this weekend wearing a scarf and tam I knit for her. I always see socks that I've knit for Dollar on his feet. My sister says she loves her lace scarf (although it's beginning to stretch lengthwise out of control). My co-worker has started coming into work wearing a winter hat I knit for her. It's so nice to see people wearing and using the things I've knit for them!

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KC said...

Good job on your November project! I agree with you about working on several projects at once, much more fun.