[knitting] Ugly Hat

I had one ball of Queensland Collection Himalayas lying around.


It doesn't look too terrible, right? I decided to knit a hat. I had already seen some nasty color pooling that this yarn makes so I opted for a seed stitch pattern to try to tone that down...

Seed Stitch Hat

Seed Stitch Hat

I realized a few inches into the hat that it was going to be too wide. Rather than starting over, I kept on going and decided to knit it too long as well and then felt the sucker. Here's the felted version:

Seed Stitch Hat

It is Ugly. I like the cloche shape and it fits well but it's so Ugly. I blame the yarn and the Ugly colorway. I'd be knitting along, "Burgundy... Brown... Peacock teal... Peach? ... Mint?" Blah the peach and mint colors really ruined the thing. Overall, everything works together to look like barfy camouflage.

So I'm trying to think of things to do with it. I tried folding up the hem on one side and making the other side pointy (to make a Robin Hood style hat) but that just looked weird. I suppose I could attached a handle and make in bag of some sort, but I wouldn't want to carry it about in public- children would cry, dogs would howl, a solar eclipse would occur, etc. My sister suggested cutting it. Maybe cut out some flower shapes to attached to something else? For now, it's just sitting around, being Ugly at me.


Shelby said...




Yeah, that's somewhat unfortunately colored. You're's the mint and peach that does it.

Toaster cover, maybe? Or tea cozy? Could you turn it over and use it as some sort of bowl, perhaps? said...

I think "barfy camoflouge" is the most hilarious phrase I've heard this week.

I have no ideas as to what to do with the hat....but, I agree, it is unfortunately ugly...

Kate said...

I read somewhere that felting takes up length and really not much width. This seems to be true in my experience of kid sweaters thrown in the wash that become boxy -- same width but cropped length. From the pictures, it looks like your hat experienced the same loss of length but not width. Wish I could recall where I read that. Sorry about your project. I hate it when things become "learning experiences."