[knitting] Horseshoe Cable Socks

I took the horseshoe cable pattern from Denmark Socks in Knitting on the Road and started a more interesting pair of socks for Dollar:

Denmark Socks

These socks have stalled because of NaKniSweMo- I started Dollar's Yoke Pattern Jacket on November 1 and it's the ONLY thing I'm working on.

I nearly completed the leg of one sock before stopping. There were a couple things I was worried about with this new pattern:

1. Stretch. I made a pair of 6-stitch (3 stitches twisted in front of 3 stitches) cable socks in the past with Encore Worsted and those ended up quite TIGHT. This pattern is better because I'm only twisting within three stitches at a time, rather than six. Also, the yarn is 100% wool, which has more elasticity than the mostly acrylic Encore.

2. Speed. I got pretty fast at the K1P1 rib. How much slower would I be doing cables (I still use a cable needle though it's possible to cable without a cable needle)? As us turns out, it's not so bad considering I only have to cable every fourth round and the other three rounds are K6P2. I think overall the time to knit the leg is the same. We'll see if I extend the cable down the instep- that might slow the foot down.

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Joansie said...

Love your socks. I'm also an avid sock knitter and from Vermont. If you have a chance, check out my blog of November 4 for my knitting day with Cat Bordhi, famous for knitting two socks on two circular. Yahoo has not been friendly lately so you may have to click more than once or click "Top Page" on the left. Happy Knitting!