[knitting] Hopeless

I tried. I tried to knit the Yoke Pattern Jacket in 30 days but I couldn't. There are two days left in November and I'm still working on the right front. Siiiiigh. I've taken many days off this project because I didn't want to force the knitting process and make thousands of hate stitches. I wanted it all to be love, which meant taking time off and breaks.

The suede slipper soles I ordered came and I attached them to Dollar's felted clogs with safety pins, preparing the sew them on. I had Dollar walk around in the slippers and he said he didn't like how his toes poked over the lip of the suede bottom. I realized this is because the suede bottoms are an inch too small. So I now I've ordered the next larger suede bottoms. I wonder if I can use the smaller soles on my slippers...

I don't think I'll be doing much gift knitting for Christmas. Maybe a tam for my mom and finish up some socks for Dollar. I'm going to try to finish up the jacket for Christmas.

I'm going to be making a trip to Patternworks with the knitting krew on December 16. I started browsing the website to get an idea of what I'd like to pick up there. Some of their house yarn (Bretton, Sunapee, Meredith Bay) for sure.

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Anonymous said...

If the suede bottoms don't fit your slippers, how about cutting them, and applying hte toe & heel where they should be, but leaving a little section under the arch without the suede? Just a thought.

At least you got most of the sweater knit up, I'm sure you were preparing for it be a Christmas persent anyway, weren't you ;-p? You know, give yourself a shorter time in your head to get things done, so if you are a day short, you really aren't. Good Plan!