[knitting] Incentive/Reward

Why oh why did I choose THIS project for NoKniSweMo?

I'm barely halfway up the back and I've already knit 10 million stitches. I'm behind schedule but I hope to make up progress this weekend.

I went to Northern Night Yarn shop in Norwich this week to look at patterns and I picked up this:

Easy Lace Poncho

I'm so happy she had this pattern, it was exactly the one I was looking for. When I get up early the weekends, I'm in PJ bottoms and a t-shirt. I think this would be a nice thing to throw on to keep warm while getting the coffee started.

I've got two large skeins of gray DK Alpaca (from NH Sheep & Wool this year) that I'm going to use for this. It shall be my present to myself for finishing the jacket.

The increases in the pattern are made by jumping up needles sizes- e.g. #5 for the neck, #10 for the body, #15 for the bottom. The only change I think I'll make to the pattern is not jumping up needle sizes quite so drastically. I'll progress from #5 to #6 to #7 and MAYBE end with #8. I've got more than enough yarn and I don't like how open it is along the bottom. But I also need to make sure I don't end up knitting myself a straight-jacket tube.

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