[knitting] Yoke Pattern Jacket: More Progress

Some progress on the Yoke Pattern Jacket. The back is done:

yoke pattern jacket

Here's a detail shot of the seed stitch pattern on the upper back:

yoke pattern jacket

And the left front:

yoke pattern jacket

At this point, the left front is done. Even the button band, which I knit up AND sewed on. Sewing/seaming is one of the HATE HATE HATE things I hate about knitting but it only took 20 minutes to sew it on.

I started to make good progress on the right front: 4 inches of ribbing complete- when I realized I was short 10 stitches. Gggrrr. Rip back all the way, start again.

I had one other close call: Halfway up the left front, I held the piece up to Dollar's midsection and thought, "This seems short." I then held it against the back and saw, yes, I was 10 rows short. I only had to rip back an inch to fix the error. I kept telling Dollar (who realized a MISTAKE had been made and was preparing for my white hot tears of frustration and blame), "This is good. I only have to rip back in inch. This is okay. Better now than later. Really, the only way this could have been better is if you traveled back in time to tell me not to make this mistake at all."

So, things are progressing CAREFULLY and slowly. I'm taking time to count rows, measure length, check and re-check the pattern. I'm right on target for how long this sweater is meant to be: 23.5 inches long. Unfortunately, through several test fittings, I now realize that Dollar will need the sweater to be at least 25 inches long. SIGH. I hope a stern and severe blocking after the sweater is complete will allow me to pull a couple more inches without losing any of the width.

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