[cooking] No Knead Bread and my first frittata

Back from Columbus (last night) and getting ready to go to Puerto Rico (tomorrow). Got a new camera cable and was able to download a picture of the No Knead Bread I made last week:

After eating out for a week, I can't tell you how good it was to cook at home last night. I looked in the fridge and thought, "What can I use up, since we're going to be gone for a week?"

Frittata. I've never made one before and now I wish I had a non-stick smaller than 12 inches. 8 inches would be perfect. I should rehabilitate and re-season my cast-iron pan. It's kind of... rusty. Maybe I'll name the pan "Rusty".

I loosely followed these instructions, using onions, red/green/orange bell peppers and crimini mushrooms. Then all the eggs in the fridge (7) with some half & half and cheese. Cook until still wet-ish on the stovetop, then under the broiler with cheese on top.

It came out of the oven fluffy (even puffy) but settled into a flat pancake. Which is why next time I'll use a pan smaller in diameter (for a thicker frittata). Still it was good and got two-thumbs up from Dollar- but then again, he'd been eating frozen pizza all week so he was just as thrilled as me to have a real meal.


Anonymous said...

Have a great time!!
Did you finish the lace nightie straps??

And I know I don't have to say "Take lots of pictures"...

Freddie Sirmans said...

Just browsing the net, very interesting.