[amy] Quiet night to knit

This week has been crazy. We've had people over to eat five nights out of the past seven. Not that I don't mind feeding a small percentage of the Upper Valley (and having them compliment me on the nice pasta/chicken/beef tenderloin/curry, chuff chuff chuff), I want some quiet time with Dollar tonight. Just me knitting on the couch and him CLACK CLACK CLICK-CLACK-CLICK-CLACK CLACKCLACKCLACKing away on Guitar Hero. (I swear I'm ready to throw the plastic guitars, games and Playstation out the window.)

I've got some knitting I want to finish. The socks. The nightie. I've started some dishcloths for Mother's Day. I got some of the new Lily Sugar 'n Cream Cotton Twists a while ago:

The balls are smaller than the solid Lily cotton yarn:

I've been able to get exactly two dishcloths from one ball. No left overs for the stash, which is nice, but a little nerve-wracking as I near the end of the yarn and think, "Is this dishcloth going to be square or end up a little rectangular?"

I've been trying to knit from my stash as I am taking a field trip to Patternworks tomorrow with a fellow knitter. I'm not sure what I'll get but some of their house yarns (Bretton, Meredith Bay, Sunapee) would be affordable. I'd also like a sweater stone but haven't been able to find one at local yarn shops or at Webs. I want to remove the pills from Dollar's pirate hat.

Sunday we're going down to Massachusetts for the day, to attend a good friend's wedding.


Christie said...

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hey....see now you have more quiet time :-) That was my plan for you all along.... heheh.
Have a great weekend.

Joan said...

Amy, I see that Knitpicks has a new cotton/linen yarn (Cotlin?) and was planning to try it for face cloths which my family loves to receive. I use their Shine yarn for washcloths now but I'm thinking the addition of the linen might be a nice touch. Anyway, you got me thinking of washcloths. LOL.