[cooking] Chocolate Chip Cookies

I made Chocolate Chip Cookies a couple nights ago. Work has been depressively hectic so I figured it was time for cookies. I creamed the butter & sugars, then added the egg and vanilla. Then I went to stir in the dry ingredients until just combined. This was a little tougher than it sounds because the mixture stops being wet after only half of the dry ingredients have been added. So it was a matter of trying to press/fold/roll the ball of dough around the mixing bowl until all the flour was gone. Then the chips and grated chocolate? It was like I had a huge ball of dough with chocolate chips all over the outside. I resisted the urge to knead (didn't want to work any of the gluten out of the flour- or melt the chocolate with heat from my hands). I stabbed and cut and rolled and folded with my wooden spoon until the chips looked evenly distributed.

It was worth it. Even though the dough was hard to work with, it was totally worth it. Small cookies (only 2 inches across) with height, chewyness and lots of chips. I only baked half, rolled the rest of the dough into a log in plastic wrap, and placed the leftovers in the fridge to be baked the next night.

Next time I'll either omit the grated chocolate or try to buy some already grated. For me, this ingredient didn't stand out (perhaps I grated the chocolate too fine?) and was messy to produce.

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Shelby said...

mmmm...frozen cookie dough. Why bother cooking it? hehehehe