[travel] Columbus, OH

I'm in Columbus, OH for the week. I was a little hesitant about coming (Columbus? What's there to do in Columbus?) but the place isn't crowded. It's clean and everyone I've talked to has been nice. I hear there's good shopping in Easton and I might head over, but I might just stick to downtown. We'll see.

The trip out here was yet another travel debacle. I drove down to Manchester, NH and went to check in at Northwest. I told them my flight and the girl said, "Yeah... We stopped doing that flight, like, two weeks ago." So... So what am I supposed to do now? She walked down to chat with a Delta guy and they got me on another flight at around the same time. Easy.

As I went through security, a TSA agent looked at my boarding pass and pulled me aside for the heavy-duty, invasive search. One agent took all my stuff (carry-on bag, coat, shoes, laptop, belt) and went behind a screened-off area. A female agent gave me the overhaul- wand my feet, wand my legs, want my hips, beep beep, felt up the rivets (all the rivets) of my jeans, wand my arms, my chest, beep beep, felt up the underwire of my bra, wand my back, beep beep, felt up the metal bra hooks, wand the front of my pants, had me turn out the front of my waistband, beep beep, felt up my zipper area (to be fair, she asked if I would prefer to be molested in private where business men would get to see a free show- I declined in the interest of getting this over with as fast as possible). I asked why I was pulled aside like this.

"Did you pay for your ticket with cash?" she asked.

"No. But I was just issued this ticket with another airline after I found out my flight wasn't available."

"That's it," she said. "There are certain things that flag your boarding pass."

Hmm... Does this make me feel safer to fly or more violated?

The flight to JFK went off without a hitch but the connection to Columbus was delayed and then we sat on the plane for an hour. Sure we got to Columbus three hours late and yeah, it was annoying but after my Portland, OR trip, it was cake. THIS time I had plenty of knitting to do and I was able to knit a pair of ankle socks for myself.

And I just realized that the cable to download pictures from my camera to my computer is missing. Now, it COULD be that I left it at home but I tend to remember to pack it when I'm traveling. So I think the TSA agent who searched my bag failed to put it back in. I'll check Manchester's lost & found when I return Thursday. How annoying.

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