[amy] Gemstar / Guitar Hero II Tournament

Saturday I went to Gemstar Gemstone in Enfield. It's been there for as long as I can remember, but I've never been. It was AMAZING. Outside the store, all the geodes and wind chimes and huge chunks of unpolished minerals impressed me. Inside, there were too many beads to comprehend. I was specifically looking for something that brings financial prosperity. I wanted to buy some strings of beads and maybe even a starter set of tools so that I can start beading and create my own unique jewelry but... I think I'll stick with knitting. Then I realized I just need to find more knitting patterns with beads. I saw so many interesting beads there. It's worth checking out and not all that far away. Here's an article about Gemstar Gemstone from Upper Valley Life magazine.

Sunday Dollar and I went up to Burlington for the Guitar Hero II Tournament. The turnout was so huge that they had to cut off spectator entry. Only competitors were going to be allowed inside. I got a little anxious after the announcement because I was only there to watch and support Dollar (and drink beer). The solution was to buy a competitor's ticket and simply not play. Fine. A bunch of Dollar's friends were there, as well, so it was nice to have them to chat and compare scores with.

Round 1 was a freaking free-for-all. Four people could play at once (two people playing head-to-head, on two separate projected screens) on a Medium song. The first person I saw got a score of 240,000. Holy crap. Somehow everyone present managed to play once and then it came to the cut-off. Rumors had been circulating that the cut-off was going to be 250,000. I saw a few people get 260,000 and even 270,000 but I was suddenly worried that Dollar wouldn't make the top 32 with his score of 220,000. Here's where the wheat got separated from the chaff. Dollar didn't make it. He wasn't crushed, in fact he was ready to go. We left, with a complimentary poster.

At home, while I started supper, Dollar said he was going upstairs to play Guitar Hero. "Why?" I asked. "You went to the tournament. You don't have to play anymore." To which he replied, "I didn't even make the top 32. Clearly I need to get better." Sigh, whatever.


Shelby said...

well...clearly! A man needs goals.

Kelly said...

We have a cottage in Grafton N.H. and every year we go to Gemstar Gemstone. They have such a nice selection of beads and my daughter loves to look at all the rocks and minerals.