[travel] Rincon, Puerto Rico

Back from Rincon. Pronounced "Rrrrrin-kon". I was saying "Rin-son" for the past four months and was promptly corrected once we landed in San Juan.

We went to the beach every day:

Sandy Beach was a two minute walk from our cabana. There were some surfers, boogie boarders, wake boarders, sun tanners around but never more than 20 people at any given time. It was the off season so this area of Rincon was slow and sleepy- perfect.

We rented a couple boogie boards. I had fun with it but preferred to stay close to shore and just float on the rolling waves. Dollar was completely at home in the water and I had to drag him out periodically to apply more sunblock. There was a strong rip current that noticeably pulled you to the left or right. The only time I got a little frightened of the ocean was when I was trying to walk out and the waves literally picked me up, smashed me down, dragged be back in, pushed me toward the sand, pulled me back, etc. I ended up crawling out of the ocean on all fours.

After a hard day tanning and swimming, we'd walk up to the Tamboo bar for drinks:

It rained every afternoon, which cooled things down. We usually played cards or chilled on the porch:

On the porch, you could see and hear tons of lizards. We didn't mind them because it looked like they ate all the bugs:

Long story short: we went for a moonlit horseback ride, went driving/shopping in town, ate tons of good food, took a boat ride to Desecheo Island and went snorkeling in the reef, got tattoos, drank too much Medalla and brought home rum and coffee. My pictures (not many) are here.

I shot lots of video that I'm currently trying to figure out how to put onto the laptop, to edit into a short film.


Kelly said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful tiem!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I could handle that, it sounds way too stressful. ;-p

Glad you two had a good time!

Valerie said...

tattoos? where's the pics of those?

amy said...

I'll take a picture of Dollar's leg (when it's all healed).