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Pan's Labyrinth: 4/5 Stars. I really liked this movie but didn't love it because, from the trailers, I thought more time would be spent in the magical world (a la Mirror Mask). Really, it's about a little girl performing magical tasks while in the real world, guerrillas are fighting a fascist regime in 1944 Spain. The special effects/costumes are creepy and wonderful. There's quite a bit of graphic violence in this film.

The Devil and Daniel Johnston: 3/5 Stars. It took a while for this documentary to pull me in. Plot Outline: "Daniel Johnston, manic-depressive genius singer/songwriter/artist is revealed in this portrait of madness, creativity and love." The whole movie was about this crazy, creative guy who is... crazy. You get to see all his achievements but also all the people he hurt along the way. In the end, I'd say that he is a talented song writer, an okay singer, but he cannot play the guitar for shit.

Breach: 2/5 Stars. I'll watch anything that has Chris Cooper in it and he carries the entire movie. Based on a true story about FBI operative Robert Hanssen, this movie ended up being quite boring. Ryan Phillippe gives a lackluster performance (but when has he ever given an inspired one?).

Shortbus: 2/5 Stars. Best review I read that summarizes the movie succinctly: "A movie that's not quite porn enough for the skin-flick fans and not substantial enough for filmgoers who seek a film that somehow combines sex, heart and intelligence."

Lucky Number Slevin: 3/5 Stars. Would have worked better as a book (if that book was written by Elmore Leonard).

The Departed: 5/5 Stars. Perfection.

Little Miss Sunshine: 4/5 Stars. Funny, sad, slightly uncomfortable ending. This movie has it all.

Nacho Libre: 2/5 Stars. Only funny parts are when Jack Black tries to fake a Mexican accent.

Run, Ronnie, Run: 2/5 Stars. I love David Cross but this Mr. Show skit stretched into a movie is a little thin. Surprising number of cameos.

Cars: 5/5 Stars. I've said it before, I'll say it again- You can't go wrong with a Pixar movie.

Fifty Pills: 2/5 Stars. Stupid. Tries to be Go meets Half Baked. Fails.

Beerfest: 2/5 Stars. Lots of boobs and beer. Perfect for boobs-and-beer-loving men.

Stranger Than Fiction: 4/5 Stars. I love movies that play with plot AS you're watching the movie (a la Adaptation). Great movie. Interesting to watch, clever story, you care about the main character and you don't know how it's going to end.

Bongwater: 1/5 Stars. Beyond bad. I felt disgusted at the self-centeredness, lack of motivation and stupidity of the characters. And then I felt disgusted that I wasted 97 minutes of my life on this movie.

Running With Scissors: 2/5 Stars. I actually read this book back in the day and I feel like many of the characters were mis-cast. The book was more raw and real. One of the few performances by Gwyneth Paltrow I've enjoyed. Annette Bening's performance is off the charts impressive- so angry, sad and manic.


Shelby said...

good call on Pan's Lab. I was so excited for it, and while it was interesting and was still somewhat of a let-down for exactly the reason you stated. Also, the eyeballs-in-the-hands guy freaked me THE FRIG OUT!!

totally different type of movie: have you seen Brick?

amy said...

I just added it to my Netflix queue. A film noir set in high-school? Sounds good.