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I do have much knitting content to show this weekend. I finished the Interweave Knits Nightie in time for the Puerto Rico vacation, but didn't end up wearing it there because the cotton was a little heavy. After that, it was all socks, socks, stash-busting socks for me. In the meantime, I've been catching up on free patterns...

Judith hoodie.

Cascade Hat, made with Bernat Cottontots yarn (not Cascade). Hm. I like the schlumpy cloche style but might choose a more linen-y yarn (if it's going to be a summer hat).

Fly Away Home socks. Nice lace pattern, pretty picot cuff.

Mohair stole. And the yarn used, Cascade Bollicine Etoile, is a closeout at Webs.

Pop Tart cell phone cosy. So cute.

Jaunty Jar Covers. Cute! How about a picot cuff at the top? That would be so pretty.

Bluebonnet Socks. Interesting stitch and texture.

Lace Chair Seat.

Vintage Lace Stockings.

Bumble Bee cat toy. Awwww...

Cool: Rune alphabet dishcloths. Yes she has posted the pattern for each individual cloth.

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Joan said...

Well that should keep ya busy! ;-p