[amy] Dinner at THE CAVE

Besides all the yarn work, it was a busy weekend. I cleaned out the fridge (must start learning to EAT LEFTOVERS), Dollar took care of the recycling and garbage, I did some laundry, we played Magic, went out to eat at The Cave (Village Pizza) and rearranged the bedroom.

Sunday night I was so wiped from all the winding, washing and dying of yarn that I told Dollar we should go out to eat. He asked where we should go and I proceeded to name off the most twisted, f'ed-up places I could think of within driving range.

AMY: Friendly's.


AMY: It's, like, only families and senior citizens that go there. And it's kinda scummy. I can't even remember that last time I was there.

DOLLAR: Then why do you want to go?

AMY: I don't know. What do you think is the scummiest place you never go to eat?

DOLLAR: ...Denny's.

AMY: OOoo. That's a good one. But I've been there late LATE at night in the wee hours of the morning, wasted, getting something greasy to eat with a bunch of other people.

DOLLAR: Yeah, me too.

AMY: Hmmm... Oh! I've got it! The restaurant inside K-Mart! Ugh!


AMY: You know, that little... area at the end of the registers. They probably only serve rancid hot dogs and nachos with the barfy nacho cheese.

DOLLAR: I don't- [shaking head] I don't-

AMY: It's okay, we don't have to go there. I was just trying to think of the lamest place we could get supper.

DOLLAR: Why? I don't understand...

AMY: What about... um... oh- The Cave!


AMY: Really? I've never been there. Does it really look like a cave inside?

DOLLAR: Yeah. Let's go.

AMY: You really want to go?

DOLLAR: Sure. Wait- weren't we going to move around the bedroom?

AMY: We can do it when we get back.

[Later... at THE CAVE.]

AMY: Whoa, look at that sign. 'Please wait to be seated'? Is this like a sit-down place now?

DOLLAR: Yeah, you didn't know that?

AMY: No. Last time I was here, it was Village Pizza and it was more like a cafeteria. You ordered with someone, they called your number, you took your food to a table. Like a McDonald's.

DOLLAR: I think this place is pretty nice now.

AMY: Yeah it is. And it's not like a tacky cave either- it just look's like you're inside a regular old cave. [looking at menu] Whoa, look at all the stuff on the menu! It all looks good. Wow. Greek and Mediterranean stuff. Mexican stuff. Italian stuff. It's all the food of the world- inside a CAVE. I love this place!

[Amy and Dollar order Southwestern Eggrolls (filling = very good, wrap = too tough), Bread Stix with Cheese and Marinara Sauce (basically a small cheese pizza cut into strips, marinara sauce VERY good), small Blue Cheese Buffalo Pizza (Amy enjoyed very much), meatball sub (Dollar enjoyed, Amy couldn't understand why the meatballs were cut into slices. They weren't meat balls, there were small meat disks)]

[Back at home]

AMY: Blergh that was good. Me sleep now.

DOLLAR: I thought we were going to move around the bedroom.

AMY: Oh... Ha ha, YOU! [poking Dollar in the chest] You just don't forget about anything do you? Ha ha. That's great. Yeah sure, let's move a whole bunch of heavy furniture right now.

DOLLAR: I'll get the tape measure and vacuum.

AMY: Great.

[Ten minutes later]

AMY: Because that's as far as it will reach!

DOLLAR: Well then, can you plug it in somewhere closer?!

AMY: Fine!

[Ten minutes after that]


AMY: Sorry.

DOLLAR: Can you just-

[Another ten minutes]

AMY: We can move the futon over there, put the tv there, move the clothes things over there and then have enough room to bring the U.S.S. Dollar in and put it here.

DOLLAR: And I'll put this table right here.

AMY: But look... Look, now I can't open my closet door all the way.

DOLLAR: Do you need it to open all the way?

AMY: ...

DOLLAR: Okay, I guess I'll have to find somewhere else to put the table.

AMY: Oh. I'm SORRY. I'm sorry I'm asking SO MUCH by wanting my closet DOOR to be able to open up to MORE than a sixty degree ANGLE.

[After all the moving was done]

AMY: Boy, I just love moving stuff with you.


AMY: It shows how- OW! My nightstand is too close to the bed now! I just banged my elbow!


Shelby said...

I hate moving furniture. Thankfully, I don't have much.

Re: the Cave - it's kinda neat in there in a weird, random "hey, we spent all this time making the walls look like rocks" type way. And the food is awesome. The roasted veggie foccacia sandwich rocks. Not a huge fan of the bar part though, as it's REALLY loud and not much room for a big group of people.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had quite the adveture!

Mark Sasahara said...

It's always funny when you transcribe your conversations.