[knitting] 'Katamari Damacy' Has Fans Knitting Hats And Baking Cakes

This is old news, but MTV must be covering it because the sequel comes out this week.

"In January fan Xiola Azuthra started knitting and selling hats styled after the Katamari (another fan bought one and presented it to Takahashi as a gift). The first hat fetched about $130 on eBay. But with each one taking about six hours to make, Azuthra still has 65 people on her waiting list."


Nicole said...

Someone at MTV certainly should know the difference between knitting and crocheting. Bitchiness aside, I need to figure out how to knit (not crochet, which is sort of evil) one of those. Everyone in my house, ok, mainly just me, was obsessed with Katamari Damacy last Spring. Naaaa, nananananana, nananananaaa.

Package in the mail tomorrow. I swear.

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