[amy] All work and a little play

I've been completely consumed by Katrina stuff at work. When I do get a moment to check non-news websites, I inevitably go through all the knitting blogs I've subscribed to with Bloglines. Then I end up asking myself, "How can these people still be knitting? Or talking about knitting? Or buying yarn? Hel-lo?! There's a disaster- who gives a shit about knitting?" … Having said that, the new Fall Knitty is up and I quite like a lot of the patterns.

I'm just grumpy. All work and no sleep makes Amy a something-something. I stopped up to my sister's yesterday evening and she took one look at me and said, "Jesus, maybe you should go home to bed." I don't really want to because I (a) secretly want to be an insomniac, (b) want to be so tired I hallucinate and (c) uh... Wait, what was I just talking about?

My sentiments exactly.

This might be a little dated now, but Foamy tells it like it is.

RE: The Montreal trip last weekend, it was good. We ate the best food. I really liked Chuchai, which is a vegetarian place but can make you meat dishes using vegetables. How can I explain this... They have beef, shrimp and duck on the menu- and it's all vegetarian. "Non-vegetarians will also be astonished to discover the perfect taste, texture and even appearance of fish, duck, beef or shrimps in purely vegetarian dishes." We have to get a place like that around here...

Here's a movie of the drumming and anachronistic battle in the middle of a Montreal park.

Tomorrow is set to be a busy day with work in the morning, the Grand Opening of the Center for Cartoon Studies ("Get a piece of ORIGINAL ART made by The CCS SKETCH FACTORY" Yesssss!!), a lawn-game bbq (if anyone can make horseshoes terrifyingly competitive, it's me!) and the first Hookah Dance Lounge.

The newest Bookslut is up and has got me asking: WTF is a "gutterslut"?

Netflix-wise, I'm still plodding through Season 2 of The OC. I remember this show being a delicious guilty pleasure, now I'm just ashamed to let people know I watch it. The dialogue and situations are so completely contrived, I feel nothing but contempt for all the characters. I rented Alexander from a video store and haven't quite finished it. It's really... gay. Which is pure speculation, right? But is that not what Oliver Stone prevails at? Reign the Conqueror was so much better.


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