[knitting] Crazy Aunt Purl

I found a new knitting blog to subscribe to, called Crazy Aunt Purl. What was the clincher? Her tag line: "The true-life diary of a thirty-something, soon-to-be-divorced, obsessive-compulsive knitter who has four cats. (Because nothing is sexier than a divorced woman with four cats.)" It's like looking into the future.

Also, these horoscopes are the best:

"LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 23)
Ever been so lost you had to call the operator just to get a 911 on your location? Ah, then you'll be well prepared for this fall. You're about to embark on a three month cycle of emotional binge and purge, alternately craving attention and hating everyone in sight. While I'm sure there is an astrological term for this cycle, I think I'll call it PMS-on-acid. I'd give you some tips on how to handle this malady, but by now you're already tired of me and I'm getting on your nerves. Now you feel kinda bad about it. But that annoys you too. See what I mean?"

...three month cycle of emotional binge and purge... Sounds fine to me; Now I can validate all my upcoming freak-outs: "But it's in the stars!"

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