[knitting] Rough Love

At bridge last night, I take out a small square I'm crocheting to work on while cards are being shuffled and dealt...

* * *

E: What are you working on there? A snuggly blanket?

AMY: Feel this, would you want to cuddle with it?

Amy takes the ball of yarn and drags it across E's arm, leaving a series scratch marks.

E: Aagghh!

AMY: It's like hay, right? It's totally not soft.

E: Then why are you using it?

AMY: I don't know! I have all these balls of yarn in my stash and I need to use them up!

* * *

Aaaaand... Scene.

I don't know why I'm using the Noro. It sucks. I may wash the squares I've made, to see if they soften up some.

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