[amy] Crazy

Note the long post below. I've joined Secret Pal 5. I've been enviously watching from the sidelines as knit bloggers post pictures and coo over the nice things that they get for no other reason than being a knit blogger. And, heh, since I like getting shit, I figured it was time for me to join. The only caveat is that I, too, have to send some random person shit as well. But since I like giving presents as much as getting them, this is going to be fun.

In other news, I finished reading Lamb and watching Season 3 of Gilmore Girls. I'll try to write up reviews over the long weekend.

Hark! What dost I justeth say? That's right, I'm taking a long weekend. I plan on relaxing by mopping my floors, donating old clothes, visiting the recycling center, organizing my library and knitting. Or, I may hop a plane to Aruba and never come back. Who knows? I just know I need to rest. I've been feeling rather... volatile as of late. Not "lighthearted" volatile, but "tending to erupt into violence" volatile. Do you ever wonder what it would be like to slide a knife into the stomach of someone who's pissing you off? I do. Maybe I need to Chappelle-it and check myself into a mental institution for a spell...

I'll be back Tuesday. ... Maybe.

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