[knitting] A Trip to Patternworks

Saturday was another yarn trip with my sister. This time to Patternworks in Center Harbor, NH. This is essentially right next to Meredith, on the northern tip of Lake Winnipesaukee. Driving through Meredith was slow-going as there was a full-on snowmobile/4-wheeler derby taking place on the frozen lake. I saw a sign that said "Derby" and there were cars/snowmobiles/4-wheelers parked and racing all over the lake but doing a little research this morning, I see that it's actually a fishing derby. Check out the photos from last year here. See? See all the snowmobiles? I guess you can't have the guys walking out to their shanties, a small vehicle would be faster but still... there were hundreds on the lake. And it was a particularly sunny, warm day. If I was out there, I'd be asking everyone "Did you hear that? It sounded like cracking."

So the yarn store was cool. Beyond cool. The coolest yarn shop we'd ever been to, really. We walked in, took one step, said, "Oooo, look at this," took another step, said, "Ohhh, look at this," took another step, etc. They had all kinds of cool notions we'd never seen at other places- double ended stitch holders, coilless safety pins, ball winders, 4 kinds of wool wash. I picked up a knitting noddy (a.k.a. knitting knoddy, knitting nancy, knitting bobbin, knitting doll/dolly, knitting mushroom). I got the pink one and named her Princess Peach. These things are supposed to be the fast and fun way to make i-cords. I tried it out on the drive back home and after 10 minutes, I threw the doll over my shoulder, muttering, "Fucking bitch." It didn't help that the "directions" are 8 pictures (these things are meant for children, remember) that were barely comprehensible to me. 8 small black and white drawing of a hand holding the dolly. No words. Whatever.

The yarn, oh the yarn. There were all the usual suspects (Rowan, Adrienne Vittadini, Brown Sheep, etc), but the more exotic yarns were worth the drive. Angora and camel and yak, oh my. Yarn made from bamboo and soy. There was lots of yarn and needles on sale. And there was lots of balls of the same kind of yarn on sale. I hate it when the clearance bin only holds one ball of this and one hank of that. You can't really make anything out of one random ball.

I ended up getting five balls of Divine in Floral to make a shawl with. I know, it's mostly acrylic and I'm kind of a yarn snob, but it's exactly the yarn I need for it and it's only five bucks each. Five bucks! I made out like a bandit. Meanwhile, my sister was grabbing things like she was on Supermarket Sweep. Eventually, I found her huddled in a corner of one of the rooms, talking to herself, "I'll put back these... But I need these... I do, I do need these..." She heard me approach and spun around to look up at me with wild eyes. "We have to go, Amy." I was about to ask why but realized that she was at the point where she had to start putting yarn back, which is really sad. If we had stayed, she would have bartered her brand new Honda Pilot and we'd have been hitchhiking home with garbage bags full of yarn.

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