[amy] An update

Well, the books finally did come. Turns out, the books arrived the day before my co-worker was returning home. I checked his mailbox, wondering why I didn't see a big box lying around. When I swung his little mailbox door open, a key fell out with "#3" etched on it's tag. Still cursing Overstock, I went back up to his place and bitched to his dog about how much the company sucks. Being the stupid detective that I am, I didn't even wonder why there was suddenly a key showing up in the mail. It was a key to one of the four much larger (and, apparently, communal) mailboxes. I would check those boxes every day as well, but because 1, 2, and 4 were always unlocked, with their doors just kind of hanging open, I would think, "One: empty, two: empty, four: empty, three: locked. ... Well, it must be empty, the other ones are." So I didn't know if I was more mad at myself for being a moron or at my co-worker, who didn't even think to tell me, "You know, Amy, we do things a little differently around here. Small mail goes into the small mailboxes, big packages are usually just left sitting on a counter or on the floor. But sometimes, sometimes big packages are locked away in one of the four big mailboxes that are usually unlocked and never used. If that happens, a key will be left in the small mailbox-" You know what? Now that I think about it, this is just a fucked up way for someone to get their mail. I'm so thankful that I get mine directly from the post office.

Having said that, I've been waiting forever (well, 8 days) for my KnitPicks order to arrive. It's a sampler of all their different kinds of yarn. I'm going to see which I like best, then I'm going to make another sweater.

Another? Oh yeah, I forgot to say that I knit myself a sweater. It came out pretty good (except for the collar!) and I wore it to work yesterday. I think the colors are a tad too masculine, so my next one is going to be pink. ... With lace trim.

Which is kind of the look I'm going for with my new knitting project: a latticework shawl. It's pink and fluffy and... kind of ratty looking. But I think that's just the yarn's fault. I'm almost halfway through it. The knitting has been slow-going, but I think the finished product will be worth all the hard work.

Regarding "What I Watch While I Knit" (or WIWWIK), I've recently seen Season 3 of Smallville. I love this show. I love that everyone in town seems to be mutated/warped in some way due to the "meteor rocks". I love that Clark's developing new powers. I love Lex. Just, you know, in general- I love him. And, heh, I have to say that the whole going-insane-on-a-deserted-island thing only made him more attractive in my book. I also love that every episode features the following dialog in one form or another:

CLARK: Hey, I think there's something weird about that guy.
SOMEONE ELSE: Oh Clark, don't be crazy.

I am sick of Lana, though. Lana Lang, Lana Lang. I don't see what's so friggin' special about her. All she does is jerk Clark back and forth. And just when Clark is smart enough to go, "Yeah? Well screw this then!", she's all, "No Clark, I like you... I want to be with you- but I need to know all your secrets first." Bitch. He's saved your life, like, dozens of times. I think that entitles him to a few secrets.

And I finished Season 1 HBO's Carnivale last night. Now that show is... I mean, all the... And... Okay, I have no idea what's going on. There are all these carnies and the new guy they picked up, Ben, who can heal people with his hands... So that makes him a... I don't know. And who's hiding in Management's trailer at the Carnival? Is this the Devil? A Demon? And Brother Justin... Is he the left hand of God, the wrath of God made flesh, or is he the Antichrist? I don't know. You know, I just don't know. What I do know is that there's a little too much nudity and sex in this series for me to watch it comfortably with other people. I mean, shit, one episode was called "Hot and Bothered" and I kept on having to make excuses to my guests on why I had to leave the room. "Did I leave the stove on?" Leave, come back. "Oh that's right, I'm cooking something so I guess the stove would have be on, wouldn't it?" Later (another sex scene underway). "I'll just go check on the casserole, ahem." Leave, come back. A couple characters on screen look meaningfully into each others eyes, which can only mean one thing in this particular episode. Leave now as a preemptive strike. "I think I'll go make a cake. You guys finish the episode without me."

Book-wise, I read The Lake Ching Murders by David Rotenberg, which someone at work lent to me. It was a very interesting yet quiet mystery. The murders themselves were pretty gristly but the motive came as a surprise to me at the end. I recommend it. I also read Book 7 of Lucifer: Exodus (Amazon says it's not out yet, but it is. You'll be able to find it at your friendly neighborhood comicbook shop). I can't get enough of this series. It's so good. I highly, highly, highly recommend that you start getting the trade paperbacks. I started to read Veronika Decides to Die for this month's BookBlog discussion but I didn't get into it for several reasons.

1. I don't like Paulo Coelho. I read The Alchemist and By the River Piedra I Sat Down to Cry. I didn't like either. The Alchemist was a bunch of mystical hoo-haw (all of which turned out to be pointless) and By the River was awful. I actually chucked the book away from me when I finished it.

2. I was sick most of last week and the beginning of this week, so there wasn't much reading I was doing. I was at home sleeping, drinking orange juice and sleeping.

3. The book was about a girl who tried to kill herself and ends up in a mental hospital where she meets interesting inmates and ponders life. Yeah, well I already read that book; it's called The Bell Jar.

4. I hated the fact that he wrote himself into the story. "She was reading an article by the Brazilian author Paulo Coelho..."

Screw you, Paulo!

And on the celebrity front, I'm all about the Paris Hilton Hack. I've learned all kinds of things that I already knew (or was 99% sure about): Paris is a skank, Lindsey Lohan has the mentality of a 7th grade girl, Jessica Simpson's a coke fiend and Fred Durst is a whiney emo pansy. Read more here and here.


Anonymous said...

I'm still learning to read, so I can't comment on the book editorial, but did you see John Stewart on the Daily Show swipe at Paris?
He did a whole thing on the history of Social Security and how it was a trust fund where younger workers put in money that older retirees draw upon to live. (Paraphrased) "This is opposed to the classical use of trust funds where old people set them up so that the young people in their families can act like dirty, dirty whores." (At which point a larger than life pic of Paris graces the screen). It was very well delivered. See ya, Sully

-I'd still wait in line until "it" fell off if she was accepting takers. I really wish I didn't feel that way, It has to be an instinct thing, cause it ain't the brain upstairs. & is Simpson really a coke fiend, b/c that would be TOO RICH!

Bill said...

So have you seen the last season of Angel yet??? It's the best season of the whole series and second only to Buffy season 3 in the whole Buffyverse. Check it out.

amy said...

No, I didn't see any Daily Show episode because I don't have cable. Hence all the Netflix t.v. shows I rent. Having said that, The Daily Show is one of the shows I miss the most. While I was dog sitting, I saw the one where they stated that WalMart was formally known as "Satan's Five and Dime".

I haven't seen Angel S5 yet because my sister and her boyfriend buy all the seasons and are farting around when it comes to aquiring the newest one. They'll get it soon, though.