[books] NOOOOOOO!!!!

I'm totally freaking out. What's this Amazon Prime bullshit? Is it going to get rid of free $25 shipping? Because if so... if so... I can't even think about it. FREE SHIPPING is, like, my life blood. It justified all my extravagant book purchases (the lower prices helped, too). Fuck! I mean, as it is now, with the Super Saver Shipping, I get my order in TWO DAYS anyway. I don't need... I can't spend... This is blowing my mind right now.


I emailed Amazon a question: "Is Amazon Prime going to replace the free shipping on orders over $25?" They wrote back: "Thank you for your interest in Amazon Prime blah blah Amazon Prime blah blah Amazon Prime blah blah. ... Did this answer your question?" Uh, no. So I called them up and talked to some girl who was like, "Amazon what?" Great. She said she doesn't know anything more about it than me. So I say, "Look, I just want to know if Amazon's going to get rid of the Super Saver Shipping for this Amazon Prime. If so, I'll sign up the Prime thing." Ha ha, which is a lie; I just said it so she'd go find out. So I'm on hold forever and when she comes back on, she says something about the Free Shipping still being offered, but she can't say for sure what the future holds. No shit, I could have told myself that. I thank her for nothing and place a massive Amazon book order.

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