[stupid] When is Ann Coulter going to sign on as sponsor?

In one of the stupidest moves from Republicans I've seen in, oh, a week, there's a new right-wing ketchup. You know, because those idiots are all fired up about the "Heintz" thing. My only question is: What the fuck?

Some comments from the democrats:

Stupid stupid stupid.
— J.M. & S.M.

Thank our Right-winged, Aryan, Christian, Strictly Heterosexual Male Lord Above! My Freedom Fries were getting lonely, but now I can dip them into some W Ketchup with good old Republican Pride. Praise be to God and His Glorious Ketchup! Love,
— T.W.

P.S. How fitting that the crimson red color of your product should remind us of all the native and foreign blood we have shed to build this proud nation.

Your site is a bunch of bull. You equate to that of a terrorist, divisive, mean spirited, obnoxious, misleading, and doomed to defeat in November. You will need a straw to drink the surplus of ketchup you'll have.
— B.

Question: I didn't find it in the FAQ so will ask it here. You are kidding, right? This is about the dumbest thing I have seen since Freedom Fries.
— R.H.

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