[books] The Power of The Da Vinci Code

Not only is The Da Vinci Code one of the all-time best-selling books, not only has everyone in the world apparently read it and it's not even in paperback yet, not only is it going to be a feature film starring Harrison Ford (who, I think, is too old for the role) and not only is it one of the most debated and renounced fictional books, it's also increasing tourism. Now I'm just waiting for the book to cure cancer.


Bill said...

The DC is on my list--right after Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson and Qucksilver by Neil Stephenson (because I feel like starting two enormous trilogies simultaneously)--but I will have to keep the book hidden and only read it at home with the blinds drawn. It's just so... cliched to be seen carrying that book around. Maybe I can put the dust jacket from Noam Chomsky hard cover on it as camoflage.

amy said...

Shit, I said before and I'll say it again: I read it and I loved it. A lot of people can be snotty about it but I say, hey, if it's got people reading, that's a good thing. I thought the story was exciting and I couldn't put it down. I figure, as long as I read a heafty book now and then, that'll make up for The Da Vinci Code and [gulp] all the Nora Roberts I read.

(I am truely embarrassed about the Nora Roberts (so embarrassed that I won't even list her books on the left-hand sidebar over there) but she's the only writer of trashy romance I'll read... I can't help myself.)

Anonymous said...

Well it won't cure cancer, but it very well might send some stupid people to hell that end up believing the gnostic undercurrents in the work. And if you want to watch a movie with Harrison Ford in a vaguely bible-inspired storyline....just go rent Raiders of the Lost Ark.


Anonymous said...

I just saw that you are reading the Left Behind series too. Why the sudden interest in quasi bible related fiction?

Or are you such a bookworm that you have literally read everything published and all that remains is Left Behind and a bunch of serialized Star Trek novels "written" by Shatner?

I'm reading The Good Soldier Svejik by Hasek now. You would probably like it. You will get the anti-war message, and you always did have an appreciation for the sublimely absurd.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and your profile pic is adorable. You are one of those people that still look amazingly like their old childhood pictures.


amy said...

HEY! How do you know what I look like now? ... Wait, is this Diana's Mike?

Thanks for the tip about "The Good Soldier Svejik." I'd never heard of it before but everyone seems to like it.

I don't know why I picked up "Left Behind" the other day. It was a free book I picked up at Book Expo last year and the closest at hand. I'm moving, so a lot of my books are packed up...