[games] Lunch Money

Found a delightful card game this past weekend called Lunch Money. The premise is that you’re all little girls, beating the shit out of each other to the point of unconsciousness. Seriously. Barbara, Jason, Ryan and I played at here’s a sample of our dialogue…

RYAN: I run up to Jason and kick him for four.
JASON: No, you don’t. I block that. I take out my chain, twirl it above my head and whack Amy across the face with it.
AMY: Ouch, that hurts. I’ll take the two. I grab Ryan…
RYAN: Yeah?
AMY: And deliver you a big combo: I push you to the ground and give you a piledriver to the kidney.
RYAN: The pain. I’ll take the six.
BARBARA: Amy, I give you a spinning backfist.
AMY: Oop, I dodge that and you’re spinning backfist is heading straight for Jason’s face.
JASON: And… I block it.
RYAN: Whew. Barbara, this uppercut’s for you.
BARBARA: Yawn. I dodge it.
JASON: How about a second helping of chain, Amy.
AMY: You and that stupid chain. I block it and grab you…
JASON. Uh oh… and?
AMY: How about a powerplay, my friend? I kick you in the nuts and-
BARBARA: I don’t think so. It’s humiliation time, Amy. When you go to kick Jason, you accidentally let a huge fart rip.
AMY: How embarrassing. You’re lucky I had all that Mexican last night, Jason. I’ll make you pay for this Barbara and you’re currency will be in bruises and cuts.
BARBARA: Whatever. Jason?
JASON: Hey, you just saved me!
BARBARA: Yeah- for myself. I take out my hammer and swing it at you.
JASON: I disarm you.

This has got to be one of the most violent and fun games I’ve played. I wish there were a cheat sheet for all the combos/actions, though. For example, you can only put someone in the headlock after you’ve grabbed them. You can only perform a powerplay after you’ve grabbed them. You can only run away like a little girl after you’ve been grabbed, not when someone tries to maim you. A few more games, though, and we’ll have it down…

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