[misc] Outdoor Penny

Took Penny outside yesterday:

It's just like having a dog.

She did much better than the first time (when she didn't even make it out the front door)- adventuring along the front of the house and into the flower beds. But she doesn't listen too good- I assume this is why we don't see cats out for walks on leashes everywhere. 

I tried things like "No." "Stop eating the grass." "Come on." "This way!" "COME ON" "NOOOO!" until I had to just pick her up and put her where I wanted. She wants to go from A to B like a cat would- jumping down some rocks. She doesn't understand, "No, we have to go the long way around because I'm not a cat and it would be awkward for me to jump down the way you want to go." 

It was all very different from Murderface, who just wants to lay in sun with a nice breeze. Penny's more "What's that? I'm scared. I'm gonna eat some grass. What's in that hole? I'm going to eat more grass. I want to go over here.... Over heeeeeere. Fine, I'll just eat more grass." 


cristina said...

:)) how cute!

Set apart girl said...

We do this with our cat. He loves it, but is much like Penney in that he prefers to go where he wants.