[misc] Murderface Monday

The weather was gorgeous Friday afternoon. We put the harness on Murderface and took him for a walk:


He made it about 2.5 feet from the front door before flopping over and rolling around in the sun:

Taking Murderface for a walk. 🍃

He's such a good boy- all he wants to do is stay around the house and lay in the sun. We have too many wild animals to get him do that unsupervised (a fox grabbed a woodchuck last year right at the end of the house, so predators do come that close) but he doesn't seem to mind the harness. We'll take him for more walks this summer. Penny doesn't mind the harness either but she's never been an outdoor cat so the outside is scary. We're trying to get her to come outside on a leash. Santana? Santana has shown NO interest in going back outside (she had a pretty rough outdoor life) and I wouldn't even want to attempt to put a harness on her.

Looking forward to a short work week- Maryland Sheep and Wool, here I come!

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