[gardening] Early May Flowers

Grape hyacinths blooming well now:

Grape hyacinths. I love checking the flower beds every day to see what's new.

The hot pink primula (also known as "drumstick primrose"):

#nofilter #pink #primula #primuladenticulata #denticulata

Down by the brook, the bloodroot is blooming (this is my favorite wild, woodland flower):

Bloodroot. My favorite woodland spring flower. #sanguinariacanadensis #bloodroot

I finally cleaned up the back shade bed and the lungwort is starting to bloom:

Lungwort starting to bloom in the back shade bed. Love the spotted leaves and the pink AND purple blossoms. #pulmonaria #lungwort

In the five years that we've been living at the house, I've never had a good show from the azalea shrubs. I don't know what's different about this year but they're blooming like crazy:

In the 5 years we've lived here, I've never had much luck with the azaleas. Not sure what's different this year but both shrubs are blooming. 👍

Hostas, soloman's seal, lily of the valley, peony- the tips of these things are only just starting to poke up. We are getting so much rain that I can't do much outside. But all the perennials should be going like gangbusters soon.

I'm trying to find some inexpensive fox lawn decorations. I want to put some realistic fox (or other predator) figures around plants that the woodchucks keep eating- to see if that will deter them. Maybe an owl will work. 

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